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Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

We value your being part of Turning Point Family. We are dedicated to imparting the best coaching to each and every student Your Journey with us will be memorable for the whole life. Kindly take a note of the following.

1 Regular attendance and home-work are mandatory to get success. Manage your schedule well.

2 Inform us if you are not able to attend the lecture and take back up session from us without delay.

3 Maintain cordial relations with all the Turning Point team members. We are always ready to support you.

Change in the Batch time

in case you need to change your batch time you can do it only once after making a requesting in written. This facility is available for only regular students.

Break in the course

In case any student has to take a drop from the course for any reason. he/she can rejoin within six month s of leaving date of the course. For this facility the student has to take a written approval from the institute which is given to those student who have paid full fees and have been regular in the course.

If the student fail to rejoin the course within six month the admission will be considered cancelled.

Cancellation Policy

In case any student is not able to attend the course for some reason he/she has to give us intimation in written for fee refund. The provisions of cancellation policy will be applicable from the date of written intimation.

100% fee will be refunded  in the case of cancellation before starting of the batch.

75% of the amount will be refunded from the total fee in case of cancellation up to first five lecture of the course

50% of the amount will be refunded in case of cancellation from 6th to 10th lectures of the course.

Fee is not refundable after 11th lecture of the course.

Regularity in attendance and homework

If you are not able to attend any lecture, you need to inform us in advance so that we could provide you back up session. But those student who are highly irregular in attendance and doing home-work might not be able to get desired result. Providing back up sessions to highly irregular student is not possible for us. If attendance or home work is less than 85% then we are helpless to bring good result.

If any student has been highly irregular and would like to repeat the course the he/she can do it by paying 50% of the course fee