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Taught 10,000+ students Since 1999

Owners are the Teachers!!

The real strength of any institute is its Teachers. At Turning Point you will study with Mr Ashish Bhatt and Mrs Pragna Bhatt who have been teaching for more than two decades . You will find learning Spoken English very easy and highly interesting.

Learn with 100% interactive method

Listen to detailed explanation of the course from the Director himself!

Turning Point Institute is a well known name for Best Spoken English Classes in Ahmedabad. Over the period of more than two decades it has evolved into an ultimate solution for effective communication skills in English. You will find the way of teaching completely out of the box and highly effective. You can watch following video to understand coaching method in detail.

Owners are the Teachers!!

The real strength of any institute is its Teachers. At Turning Point you will study with Mr Ashish Bhatt and Mrs Pragna Bhatt who have been teaching for more than two decades . You will find learning Spoken English very easy and highly interesting.

Course Duration

Sessions: Monday to Friday (90 minutes)

Seminars on PD and GK (Twice a month)

Mr Ashish Bhatt and Mrs Pragna Bhatt

Couple of examples of various activities in class
Your are going to study with Mr Ashish Bhatt and Mrs Pragna Bhatt who have taught thousands of students in more than two decades.
Their highly interactive and practical method will help you to create your own sentence structures with amazing clarity in Grammar and other aspects. You are going to speak thousands of sentences during the grammar sessions which are asked to you in Hindi/Gujarati for every grammar point being taught. During this; step by step we connect all the structures with logic and visualization in such a way that you will find out that each & every sentence is formed by using basic 4 to 5 rules only!! In this process your smallest errors will be rectified and you will develop presence of mind to use simplest to most complex structures for expressing yourself with the confidence that your grammar is always correct. This will help you in participating in variety of speaking activities with confidence and get true fluency in English. 


Speak Fluently As Effectively As In Your Mother Tongue

With every passing grammar lecture you will find improvement in speaking English, which will be strengthened by various speaking activities like Public Speaking, Role-Plays, Group Discussions, Debates, Presentations, small Dramas and more… All of these activities are spontaneous and highly interactive. The formats of the activities are designed in such a way that gradually it becomes more interesting and challenging with the time and improvement in your speaking skills. You will be performing from the stage again and again. Your body language, presentation skills, confidence level etc. will be improved in this phase. Having got rid of stage fear, you will be able to communicate in English with any one in any situation fluently and effectively.

Activities are held aiming at following objectives

  • Confirming clarity in use of various sentence structures and vocabulary while speaking fluently
  • Developing ability to articulate and respond quickly in smart manner ( Negotiating and handling resistance)
  • Making good report at professional and social level by verbal and non verbal expressions
  • Refining eye contact, gestures, movement of body parts and over all body language
  • Removing stage fear while giving presentation adn then responding to the questions from any corner of the audience and so on…                                                                                                                          
Growing in white collar profession is not possible without excellent reading and writing skills. Specially designed modules for reading and writing will enable you to read and write as effectively as in your mother tongue. With the help of reading techniques taught by us and absolute clarity in sentence formations; you will be able to read with perfect understanding and at double speed. You will be able to make written communication very effectively as the course will enable you to present your ideas in the way you want. Whether you would like to make it precise or elaborate or articulate; you will have the knack over it. This will enhance your performance specially working at corporate level.

No Matter What !! We Are There You Will Achieve Your Goal !

When you join our institute you become a part of Turning Point Family. We make sure that each and every student gets the desired result. We are continuously monitoring the performance of all the students through various parameters and if required we provide personal support to the weak students. If you miss any lecture then also our team is at your help to cover up what you had missed. The goal for which you have joined must be achieved. The only condition for our support is that you have to be regular and do the home work regularly which is of around 30 minutes.


What you would gain from the course!

Make English your strength and achieve higher professional growth!

Correct Language (Written Communication)
Present your ideas effectively with Extra ordinary skills to construct smallest to most complex sentences with absolute clarity and decency.
Presentation Skills (Verbal Communication)
Speak fluently in English with tremendous confidence that I am always correct in the language. Remove stage fear and develop correct body language by performing various activities on the stage.
Be a quick learner ( Reading Skills)
Develop ability To Read with Double speed and understand the mails and Other written Communication Without Any Confusion . Pursue Further Education or Training with Excellent Reading Skills and Get Success

Make English your language to get success in higher education and social life

Replace your mother tongue with English
Get so much clarity and perfection in English that you would speak in English every where and with anyone.
Make your higher education interesting and burden-less
Develop very effective reading and writing skills which would help you to study effectively and get good marks in collage.
Transform into a confident and out spoken person
A number of speaking activities will help you transform into a person with confidence to communicate effectively and create own identity where ever you go.

Get fluency and confidence in spoken English and play your roles effectively.

Be the best teacher of your child
You will get amazing clarity in English language which will help you to support your child who is studying in English medium. Also you will be able to communicate effectively with your child’s teacher in English.
Be fluent and confident 
A lot of practice will make you fluent in English and you will be confident to speak in English just like your mother tongue. It will give confidence to your child as well as an environment to learn better in English meduum school.
Be presentable in social life
A lot of speaking activities like public speaking, group discussions, role plays and more will help you to become confident and presentable in your social circle.

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